Are You Ready To Overcome Distracting Emotions and Breakthrough the Challenges in The Areas of Life That are
Most Important To You While Getting out of Survival Mode
and Start Having More Money, More Time,
and More Freedom in Your Life?

Perhaps you or someone else has been arguing for your limitations. Well now it is time to give yourself permission to do extraordinary things in your life…

Because You Deserve To Be Somebody Who Makes a Difference.


It is Now Your Time To Shine…


From: Chaney Weiner

Tuesday, 9:35 a.m. EASTERN


Dear Very Important Person:

Whether you are looking to break through any challenges in your finances, your relationships, your career, your health, you will find that these challenges are caused by three primary root causes you may not be aware of.

These 3 primary root causes are what’s responsible for what seems like a never ending amount of distracting emotions, limiting beliefs, and restrictive thought patterns buried deep within your mind which hold you back in the areas of life most important to you.

Whether you realize it or not, you are a genius and you have all the brilliant, magnificent, and amazing qualities inside you that you need to fulfill and achieve all of your desires in every area of your life- but it is these three primary causes which obstructs your awareness and willingness to live it and therefore hold you back.

You were born into greatness, magnificence, and brilliance, and conditioned into mediocrity.

It is not your fault or anyone else’s.

Well now, it is time for you to stop those limiting and restrictive thought patterns from repeating and turn your challenges into wealth building opportunities


Are you someone who:

  • Wants to master the art of saving money and have financial freedom even if you owe more money than you make right now?


  • Is wanting to learn how to finally overcome the limiting beliefs and distracting emotions that have been holding you back so you can breakthrough challenges in the areas of life that are most important to you.
  • Needs to know exactly what type of action to take instead of being uncertain and second guessing yourself leaving you frustrated and freaking out about what to do next?
  • Is wanting to remain focused on your goals in the midst of “real life” and other distractions and be more productive so you can have more time for yourself and your relationships?


  • Would love to wake up every morning feeling inspired about your life rather than feeling burned out, tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed at the thought of another dreaded day doing something you don’t love?
  • Wants to know how to have a career doing what you love most and be able to go on vacation and get paid handsomely and beautifully well for doing it?
  • Is eager to know what you truly desire, what your sense of purpose is and be recognized for the genius and special person you are?
  • Wants to be treated as the important person you are and have caring, loving, heartfelt relationships with family members, partners, and with the people who matter most to you? 


  • Is looking for a method that works every time in helping you overcome your fears, doubts, uncertainties, anxieties, and feelings of anger, resentment, depression, and, helplessness so you can move beyond them and have more wealth, more vitality, greater physical health, fulfilling relationships, confidence, and peace than you ever thought possible.
  • Wants to be loved and appreciated for who you are and show your love and appreciation for those who have contributed to your life?
  • Is seeking to raise your self-worth and dissolve feelings of shame and guilt and realize your value and importance to the world?
  • Is seeking to transform your life by overcoming feelings of loss, grief, or sorrow so you can have a sense of freedom in doing the things that are most important to you


  • Is ready to learn a step-by-step method that is your tool for life that guarantees you’ll breakthrough your challenges at will  as opposed to giving up and then going from one personal development/self help program to another every 3-4 weeks and still not getting the results you want?


  • Wants to master how to handle situations of conflict with poise and presence, such as when people criticize you, reject you, and say you can’t do it, rather than venting and getting sabotaged by their negativity and turn these challenges into opportunities?


  • Understands that it’s crucial to follow and stick with an exact step-by-step HOW TO process and know how long it takes to see the results that you want and be able to live your life with certainty instead of worrying, hoping, or wishing that you’ll get the results you want?


…Get Ready to Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Start Using Your Brilliance, Magnificence, and Uniqueness and Change the Way You Live Your Life Forever (and Have More Fun Doing So)

You are going to love what I am about to share with you… and it’s going to change the way you see yourself and how you go about breaking through any challenges in your life, CONSISTENTLY

Here’s the problem:

Like so many well deserving people, you’re probably frustrated and uncertain when it comes to knowing exactly the most effective and sure fire way of breaking through the challenges you face in order to have financial stability, stronger relationships, career success, greater physical health, and more freedom to do the things you love most in your life.


What are the reasons for this? Because you’ve read all the self help books, listened to all the cd’s, bought the latest home-study courses, and attended numerous positive thinking seminars, workshops, and teleseminars.

However, like most people, you’re probably still stuck and not making much progress from what you have learned and you gradually find yourself going back to being confused, uncertain, and eventually overwhelmed and repeating the same patterns of doing what you’ve always done with little or no success.



Here are the reasons why. When I speak with people, just like you, and ask them why they’re not having success, they say they’re overwhelmed with too much conflicting information, it doesn’t take their uniqueness and what is most important to them into consideration. In addition, they feel like they’re not being listened to or cared for in the way they would like, while being in a self help program that doesn’t take their uniqueness and what they value most into account and then they feel like giving up. And often do and then blame themselves.

You do not deserve to be treated this way.


To Get the Results You Want, It is Important to Not Only UNDERSTAND this Information BUT How to Use It Based on YOUR UNIQUENESS and The Things Most Important To You and Then Take The Right Type of Action - So You Are More Inspired and Receive More of What You Truly Want

You are probably very familiar with this by now. When you are not doing something you love or something that inspires you it feels like hard work and is very boring- your days are a drag. You’re tired, you’re frustrated, you’re scattered. By having someone give you a powerful proven system which works every time that you can use for life, show you how to use your unique, brilliant, and genius abilities (and yes this is true regardless of what anyone else or possible even yourself has told you), and then have you be responsible for following the necessary steps with certainty and patiently staying with your true goals, you can stop questioning yourself as to whether you have what it takes to do what you love, living someone else’s dreams, and being stuck not knowing what to do or what you want.

When you try and do things that you “should” do or “have” to do, you may stick with it for a certain period of time, but ultimately you don’t get the results that you truly desire, because you are not in alignment with your true and authentic self.

As you can see, breaking through your limitations, overcoming your greatest challenges, and being inspired doing what you love most in any area of your life is not about collecting a bunch of information; it’s about using that information based on your uniqueness and adapting it to what is most important to you so you can get the results you desire.    


Yes, There Really is a Formula (that works every time) to Overcoming Your Distracting Emotions and Breaking Through Your Challenges…


You Can Have This If You Really Want It

Realize, overcoming distracting emotions, breaking through your limitations and living the life you would love to live does take inspired and consistent effort on your part.


If you’re looking for “overnight magical results” and expect things to instantly be the way you want, you’ll immediately discover this is not very realistic. It comes down to knowing what YOU truly value most (not what others say you’re “supposed” to be doing), realizing your value to the world, being aware of your energy in how you react to situations- in a poised and present manner. This is the power of your Wealth Mastery Success™

I have a proven system which is based on science that works every single time, that when followed and applied as instructed, helps you dissolve distracting emotions, break through your challenges and as a result bring you the results you want in the areas of life most important to you.

How am I so certain? Let me tell you a little story…


I Was Once In the Same Position You Are Right Now

I remember the times when I really didn’t know what I truly wanted. There were moments when I thought I knew but those thoughts didn’t last. Even though I didn’t know what I wanted there was still a part of me that stood out and felt like it did know but I just couldn’t figure out what it was.

As I went through and tried one new thing after another – fitness, psychology, physical therapy, communication- I kept being reminded by family, friends, and others of what I was “supposed” to be doing, what I “had” to be doing, and what I “should” be doing. These were kind, loving, and caring people who tried to help me the best they knew how.

It was at this point that I started to have things happen in my life that I didn’t want.

I had bills piling up, increasing credit card debt, a failed business opportunity, and what seemed like the wrong people being attracted into my life that I was minimizing myself to. All of this cost me well over $100,000

At first I couldn’t understand why this was happening. I felt I was doing everything right but was still having the same things I didn’t want to happen continue to repeat themselves over and over again (how many times has this happened to you)

And with all of these challenges came some painful and valuable lessons.

But I was still facing the challenges as to whether I had what it takes to succeed and questioning if I had the brilliance, the genius, and the magnificence to contribute something of value to those I care about and the world. I still felt I was minimizing myself to others, thinking they had something special, something which made them great, and that I didn’t.

During this journey I studied positive thinking along with lots of self help and affirmation type information and I still felt frustrated because I found myself not always having positive thoughts, beating myself up sometimes, not achieving some of the goals that I set, having unrealistic expectations on myself, while blaming myself and feeling guilty for what I thought were past failures.

The main problem was, what I had learned and heard from others told me how to just take action, work any job, accept the way things are, and to be positive all the time, but nothing mentioned or taught me about how to dissolve distracting emotions in order to break through my limitations and the challenges in the areas of life most important to me so I can use my magnificent, brilliant, and genius abilities and live a more meaningful and purposeful life. I felt like it was either do what I loved most, while hoping and praying something good would come out of it, or just give up, do what others said I “should” be doing, and live someone else’s dream instead of my own. Never mind using my uniqueness and special talents doing what I love while helping others and living the life of my dreams, that is just for people who are “lucky” or in the right place at the right time.

Well I set out to do something about this and I made it my mission to take everything I had learned and put it into a system that worked in my business, my relationships, my finances, my physical health, and my life. I made it a point to create a step by step process for myself which would help me overcome distracting emotions, turn any challenges I faced into opportunities for wealth and success and that I could duplicate again and again, so instead of feeling like I was minimizing and second guessing myself, I could feel a sense of purpose and certainty, and as a result do the things I love most and live a wealthy life.


My purpose was to have each step be a tool that can be used for life and available in any situation when necessary and be guaranteed to work every time. I can now say with absolutely certainty that I did.


As a result I developed a program based on the philosophy of merging the brilliance, magnificence, and genius from within along with inspired and meaningful action in helping overcome self imposed limitations and challenges in any area of life. Through these unique and powerful coaching methods I was able to turn my life around and was on my way to living an inspired and wealthy life.


No More Feeling Down and Out

Through my journey I have learned…

The more down and out you’ve been, the more in and up you are destined to soar

Today, I now show and inspire people worldwide with what I’ve learned and created. I am able to attract the right people, the right situations, and at the right time. I turn any challenges I face into wealth building opportunities, I’m saving more money, and all because I realized how to become more aware of who I truly am while using my uniqueness in doing what is most important to me and helping others do the same

Just as important, I am able to meet some of the most amazing people and get to spend more time with the people who are most important to me. I am more energized, have more vitality, more clarity, more freedom, and a higher level of certainty in my life.

I’m sure you want to do the things you love most, get handsomely and beautifully paid for it, and spend more time with the most important people in your life and feeling energized, enthusiastic, and having freedom while doing it.

Now, the important question to ask is…

Would You Love to Have This?

It is now your time to soar so if your answer is yes then you’re ready for…


The guaranteed Wealth Mastery Success™ Home  Study Program


The Wealth Mastery Success™ home study program is a system that incorporates the greatest minds and teachings throughout history and is something I developed to help people who want to finally uncover and maximize their true power, and transform challenges into opportunities without feeling financially handicapped.

I’ve had many people contact and approach me numerous times over the years who are frustrated, confused, overwhelmed, and struggling to overcome their challenges, like yourself, who would love to finally know how to do what they love most while getting paid for it and have more time for the most important things in their lives, but they didn’t have the ways and means to afford my one on one services on a regular basis. So after giving this many many hours of deep and sincere thought, I created developed a program system that allows me to maximize the use of my time, but still give high quality content and service, the highest value, and the tools necessary for these kind and well deserving people to get the same high quality content, service, and value as in my one on one services but at a very reasonable and affordable price.

This home study program covers all the 7 primary steps of the Wealth Mastery Success™ system. . In each step you get the specific tools and techniques that help you break through your greatest challenges, raise your self-worth, know what you truly want, achieve financial stability, and live a meaningful, purposeful, and inspired life.

You'll go through actual examples that can be applied to your situation. It is very fill in the blank, so you will do exercises that show you how to determine what you want, then how to overcome the fears, doubts, and worries and break through the money blocks you may have, then piece this all together into your vision and know what type of action to take that works. So this is very fill in the blank


The Wealth Mastery Success™ home study program can be considered a compacted version of the greatest teachings, books, and seminars on human potential and wealth building, based on various sciences and psychology all combined into an inspiring experience that gives you a clear direction to a higher level of wealth and success, more freedom, and greater certainty in your life

You will dramatically reduce years of reading and research while increasing your ability to learn and apply principles that are time tested and proven to work by enrolling in this home study program and learning the Wealth Mastery Success™ system. You’ll come away with all the lifetime tools and techniques you need to turn any challenges into wealth building opportunities and start living right now the amazing and fulfilled life you deserve to live.


“Before I joined the Wealth Mastery Success™ program I had a lot of guilt and shame towards having money and with my family and friends. After going through the first few steps I was able to shed these guilty and shameful feelings I had towards money, my family, and my friends. The techniques that Chaney uses in the program have given me the power to overcome any challenging situation in any area of my life within a few hours and now I can move forward and have more wealth and a greater sense of freedom.”

-Paul, Baltimore, MD


“After going through the Wealth Mastery Success™ program I was able to reduce the amount of time it used to take me to overcome being stuck in certain beliefs about money by a few months. This has resulted in my ability to gradually attract many different opportunities for more wealth in my life.”

-Dana, Columbus OH



Why It’s Important for You to Learn From the Wealth Mastery Success™ Home Study Program

The true mark of a successful program is one that is taught by someone who lives what they teach. I live by this philosophy and to only learn from those who have already experienced it. Any other way would be a waste of your money and precious time.

I can relate to where you are now having been there myself. You’re not going to get just some random and generalized techniques that work for some people and not others; you’re going to get a time tested system that has been proven repeatedly to work for myself and hundreds of my private clients, coaching program members, and fellow colleagues.

It has taken me 5 years to figure out what consistently works (and reducing what doesn’t work) for those people who would love to breakthrough their limitations, overcome distracting emotions, realize their brilliance, and have wealth in each of the 7 major areas of life (and those most important to them). I am committed to assuring that you do not have to go through years of similar frustrations and constantly blaming yourself for not being successful – no more feeling guilty and blaming yourself while wasting time, money, and energy on trying programs in the past that didn’t work for you

I broke through the limitations that were holding me back within a few months, which take most people years to overcome.

"By using the methods that Chaney teaches in the Wealth Mastery Success™ program I was able to break through within 5 hours the block that was keeping me stuck for years from attracting more money.

I now feel more confident and certain when it comes to my finances and this has helped me in other areas of my life such as my relationships.

I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to have more wealth."

-Sharon, Milwaukee, WI


From the first time I started working with Chaney and going through the Wealth Mastery Success™ program I was able to break through distracting beliefs that were holding me back and I felt an immediate shift which has paved the way for me to now have more money and more fulfilling relationships to come into my life.

-Nancy, Boston, MA


Being a speaker, coach, and having my own business, I know what it’s like to experiences challenges and have new limitations come up, while still enjoying the other areas of my life and spending time with the people most important to me. I’ll show you how to create and maintain this harmonious balance.


Is the Wealth Mastery Success™ Home Study  Program a Good Fit for You?

You may be a good fit for the Wealth Mastery Success™ Home Study Program if you…

  • Are serious about overcoming distracting emotions in order to breakthrough challenges in your career, finances, relationships, health, and be shown how to get the results you desire in a step-by-step way (manner).
  • Are a person who is willing to put in the time and effort required to be successful and are done blaming others and making excuses.  
  • Realize that as you learn to manage your emotions, you will be able to manage your life and your level of wealth and success significantly increases.
  • Have a desire to turn challenging situations into opportunities, so you feel inspired and connected to your true purpose
  • Have a “yes, I am ready for change” attitude with the intention of turning your life around.
  • Are ready to open yourself up to a powerful new way of breaking through limitations so you realize your magnificence and brilliance  and have certainty in every important decision you make.



You will NOT be a good candidate for the Wealth Mastery Success™ Home Study Program if you…

  • Are someone who frequently goes from one self help program to another every 3-4 weeks and claim you didn’t get the results you wanted.
  • Have a tendency to be excited for the first 2-3 weeks after joining a coaching program and then give up after a few weeks saying it didn’t work for you.
  • Are seeking a “little advice” and collect information without applying it to your specific situation.
  • Have difficulty in finding the time to do what it takes.
  • Are frequently skeptical and blames others’ for things not being the way you want them.
  • Are looking for overnight results and for things to just “fall out of the sky.”
  • Would rather do things your own way instead of following a method that works every time.
  • Aren’t ready to breakthrough your limiting beliefs and BE successful.
  • Are unwilling to put in consistent and dedicated effort to achieve a higher level of success.
  • Would prefer to be ordinary instead of extraordinary.


Alright, Chaney, I want to do this for myself!  What’s My Investment for This Home Study Program Where I’ll Overcome Distracting Emotions and Breakthrough Challenges in My Finances, Career, Relationships, Health, and Gain More Freedom Rather Than Worry?

Before we get into more of the details, let’s go over what you receive with this program:

When you sign up now you get instant access to your digital version of the Wealth Mastery Success™ home study program which includes 28 audio training sessions walking you through how to overcome every obstacle that is holding you back from having more money, more freedom, and more time to do what you love most while providing for those you care about most. You'll also get access to the 153 page training manual full of exercises, tools, resources, check lists, and forms that you can use as a guide to help you overcome the challenging situations that may be keeping you stuck in any area of your life.


Here is your Wealth Mastery Success™ Home Study Program

Packed With Tools, Exercises, Worksheets, and Step-by-Step Guidance





The entire Wealth Mastery Success™ Home Study Program price is yours for only $197.

Get Started Now and Reserve Your Spot Below:



Get Started Now!

If you’re ready to commit and take the next step, then now is the time to commit.


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My Personal Guarantee to You

The most important investment you can ever make is in yourself. Your investment in the Wealth Mastery Success™ Home Study Program is an investment in yourself and in the areas of life most important to you. Now there are two ways this investment can go for you.

First, you can put the Wealth Mastery Success™ techniques and methods to work and transform your challenges into wealth building opportunities. The step by step process works every time if you follow it exactly. The second way is you just don’t do anything with the material or you get side tracked or this is just not something for you. In this case you can take advantage of my 30 day money back guarantee and you just send me a note and I’ll give you a full 100% refund.

I don’t know about you, but I would sure like to find more investments with those types of options, because basically I am putting my money where my mouth is. You’ve got a full 30 days to see if my Wealth Mastery Success™ Home Study Program is right for you. If you find that it isn’t just let me know and I’ll gladly refund your money. No hassles and no hard feelings. satisfaction is 100% completely guaranteed




I look forward to meeting you!

To your magnificence and brilliance.

Love and wisdom


Chaney Weiner

Wealth Mastery Success™


P.S: It is now your time to realize how special you really are and what you are here to be, do, and have. Many people say they want to achieve what they desire most and only about 5% actually do. It is now up to you.


PPS: You create so much more through your uniqueness and supportive energy of others who are there with you every step of the way.


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The entire Wealth Mastery Success™ Home Study Program price is only $197.